Clean Beaches, Waterfalls, Colorful Markets and Must-see Attractions

In this blog i mention some intresting places to visit in Goa like beaches,Waterfalls etc. for travel.


 AGONDA BEACH in South Goa is a must visit. 39.2 kilometers from Margao, this is an isolated stretch of sand lined by palm groves. It is a very quiet, peaceful, and picturesque beach with few tourists. There is a turtle center in the north, and rocky outcrops in the south. Developed tourist infrastructure! You will find many shops, cafes, beach shacks, bars, restaurants, yoga centers and massage parlors. But you will still get a less “touristic feel” here.


one of India’s tallest and most powerful waterfalls. It is 47 kilometers from Margao by the MDR52. It is located on the Goa-Karnataka border. Dudhsagar Falls looks most impressive in the monsoon when there is a lot of water.

It cascades down for 1017 feet from a steep mountain face. You can view the falls from a train journey to and from Margao, or you can trek to the base of the falls. You have to trek through the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. There are many viewpoints along the way.


Also called the “Immaculate Conception Church”, this beautiful church is in Goa’s capital panaji , close to the Mandovi Bridge. It used to be a chapel in 1541. The larger church building came up only in 1619. Since then, many revisions and improvements have been carried out, but the original building remains.

Devotees have been coming here for a long time. Old Portuguese sailors offered their prayers, asking for a good voyage. They returned after the trip to say thank you. There is a feast every year on December 8th, which many locals and tourists attend.

  •  Timings: 10 am — 12.30 pm, 3 — 5.30 pm


The Hilltop Nightclub in North Goa is between Ozran Beach and Anjuna on the top of a hill. This is one of the best places in Goa for trance music and rave parties. There is a big area for people to drink and dance. The outside is lit up with pretty lights. There is a swimming pool too. Thousands attend rave parties during weekends in the peak season. The DJs are from England, Sweden, Italy, France, Russia, Germany, Israel, and India.