1. Buttermil Dosa

South Indian food is not just about dosas, vadas and uttapams. And it is definitely not restricted to vegetarian dishes. Love South Indian food but bored with the known variety, try these unique recipes to renergise your love for the healthy cuisine. 

Buttermil Dosa: This dosa made with buttermilk is a super soft dosa that melts in mouth. Light golden brown in colour and mildly crisp on the edges, this dosa can be relished with any chutney.

2. Paruppu Vadai

Perfect snack: The Paruppu Vadai also known as Aamai Vadai is a fritter made using three kinds of dals. Generous amount of finely chopped ginger, green chillies and curry leaves are added to the batter to make it more flavourful. This vadai looks and tastes crispy outside and soft inside.

3. kozhukattai

The iconic kozhukattai — steamed, sweet/savoury rice balls — is a wonderful thing and loved by South Indians across the country. But, if you don’t want rice, you could substitute it with oats and then add some veggies to it for a nutritious and easy-to-make power-packed breakfast.

4. Puntikura mutton

Hyderabad is not just about its biryanis. 
Even before Telangana came into its own in 2014, there was a lot left to be explored of the state’s and its capitals’ cuisines. Puntikura mamasam, or Puntikura mutton, is a favourite dish from the region, and is a perfect accompaniment to bajra or jowar rotis.